Our core Tri City Team

 Are you interested to know the lead Tri City team members who will be installing your sprinkler system or working on your landscape?

We invite you to know our team before you even meet us!

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Titus Winchel, Company Owner and Lead Foreman

Titus has been working in landscape and design for over 15 years. He grew up maintaining his parents’ sprinkler system and landscape, and later apprenticed under the now retired owners of Tri City, gaining respected Foreman status. Titus has over 11 years of dedicated service to Tri City and has since owned the company for 3 of those years. Titus not only takes pride in understanding both the business and manual labor aspects of the industry, but his passion lies with working with each individual customer in order to get them the best prices, quality, and service to make their sprinkler and landscape ideas into a reality!

(Even though Titus is the company owner, you will regularly see him at the job site, ensuring that his customer’s needs are met and the quality of service meets Tri City standards.)

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Joseph benjamin, Assistant Foreman

Joseph has been working for Tri City since 2012 and has been friends with Titus for over 18 years. He is Titus’ right hand man, on and off, the job site. His specialty is building a variety of unique retaining walls, and communicating with our vendors, like Pioneer and Crystal Landscape Supplies. If you don’t see Titus at the job site, you can be certain to see Joseph managing the crew and making sure each customer’s needs are being met. Joseph’s trusted collaboration with his crew and his strong work ethic allows him to meet and exceed the company’s expectations.

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John Hunter, Office Specialist and Contract Designs

John Hunter comes from a proud generation of Colorado natives (check out Hunter Loop on Loveland’s own Devil’s Backbone Trail!) He has been working at Tri City for a little under 2 years. John holds himself to a high standard for office performance and customer service, and finds pride in the opportunity to make his mark on the Northern Colorado landscape. He is detail oriented and is an expert with contract design. John’s favorite part about his work at Tri City is meeting with the customers and helping them visualize their landscaping ideas and dreams.

James Benjamin, Outside Field Consultant

James has been a best friend to Titus for over 17 years. After putting aside his own dreams to help support Titus in company ownership of Tri City, James has begun to pursue his own dreams, but remains as Titus’ best friend and as an outside consultant for Tri City.

Sera Winchel, Office Administrator

Sera works behind the scenes to manage the daily finances and admin responsibilities of Tri City, making sure Tri City runs efficiently, ethically, and responsibly. Some of Sera’s admin responsibilities include ensuring Tri City is maintaining compliance with small business standards, our finances are being managed, our social media sites are up to date, and creating company marketing strategies. Sera’s pride and joy is standing beside and supporting her husband’s dream of owning his own landscaping company.  


Caleb Veach, Outside Financial Consultant

Our landscaping crew!